Message to my
listeners and fans

“Hello you all beautiful souls out there! Thank you for sharing my musical journey with me. As a songwriter and singer, I draw my inspiration from the world around me… My music comes from my creative subconscious and from my heart. I do it because I always want to express myself to everyone who listens to my music with the values that lie at my core – compassion, sensitivity, authenticity and courage. The world may seem confusing and dark at times but we can overcome these by staying true to ourselves and facing it by believing in caring for others, spreading love and the colour and beauty that is all around us.

Love you all!”

"Love my Glitterfairies

Join the Glitter side, we
have cookies"

Since January 2020 I have been releasing a continuous stream of original tracks and I feel blessed that so many of you have responded so openly and positively to them. I invite you all to continue this exciting tour with me and share my music with others to join us on this journey.